Surfing Playa Avellanas Costa Rica – Just down the road from Tamarindo, but a world away, surfing Playa Avellanas is an amazing addition to your Costa Rica surf trip.

Playa Avellanas is just a short drive from Tamarindo, easily a day trip from there, but worth considering as an option for a few days.

Playa Avellanas Costa Rica - Cabinas Las Olas Avellanas

At one point, when I had been traveling to Tamarindo frequently, I stayed at Cabinas Las Olas in Playa Avellanas for three weeks just to avoid the party scene and take my surfing to the next level. It was a self-imposed isolation of sorts, but as this story (Three Weeks in Avellanas) highlights, was far from lonely.

Sure that trip was a long time ago, but I recently revisited both Tamarindo and Avellanas to see how things had changed over the years. The answer, Tamarindo a lot, Avellanas not much.

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Surfing Playa Avellanas Costa Rica

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