Best Coffee In Nosara

Coffee Nosara

If you are looking for the best coffee in Nosara, some of your choice is going to come down to convenience and some down to whether you are cruising around town during the day.

Whatever time of day or where you are in Nosara, you have some great options. That being said, for me, there are some clear options when looking for the best coffee in Nosara.

Twin Fin Coffee Bags

Pavones – Costa Rican Coffee

Twin Fin Coffee delivers fresh roasted Costa Rican coffee right to your door. Our Pavones single-origin coffee is a bright, medium roast with hints of sweet apple, raisins and honey.

Enjoy this best seller as espresso, drip or your favorite pour-over.

Dream of the long lefts of Pavones with this amazing Costa Rican coffee!

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Olo Alaia

Olo Alaia is going to win hands-down best coffee in Nosara in many people’s book. This surf shop and cafe have been serving up great coffee in Nosara for a long time now.

Olo Alaia is located on the main street lust of highway 160, so it isn’t right on the beach (not that it’s far), and if you are on the rapidly growing North part of town or even Playa Pelada, it would be more of a destination for an afternoon espresso (or beer) than a morning cup.

But that all being said, Olo Alaia brings in hand-picked, specialty-grade Costa Rican coffee and has the benefit of Santiago, one of the best baristas around.

Le Bistrot Nosara

Le Bistrot Nosara

Le Bistrot is another great option for coffee whether it is your morning cup or an afternoon espresso.

Unlike Olo Alaia, there are more food options at Le Bistrot including an extensive menu of sweet and savory crepes.

El Jardin Cafe Nosara

El Jardin Cafe Nosara

Over on the north side of town, El Jardin Cafe is a can’t miss stop for coffee in Nosara. This cafe, made out of a converted bus, stands out with coffee and pastries – plus the cool bus!

Rosi’s Soda

Rosis Soda Restaurant Nosara

The other cafes on our list of the best coffee in Nosara are going to offer great, espresso-based coffee options.

Sometimes, you just want a nice hot cup of coffee and a huge plate of food after your dawn-patrol session, and that’s what you’ll get at Rosi’s.

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