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Santa Teresa Costa Rica is a bustling surf town with no shortage of great places to eat or have a post-surf cup of coffee. 

That being said, the layout of the town makes it so whatever is closest to where you are staying may end up being the best place for you.

The reality of Santa Teresa is that traffic on the only road through town is an issue. 

Trucks, cars, quads, motorcycles and pedestrians are all vying for the limited amount of space that is available.  

So while this list includes some great places for coffee in Santa Teresa, will it be worth driving all the way through town to get there? 

Probably not. 

In that case, just enjoy your post-surf buzz and walk to whatever is right down the road from where you are staying.

However, since it is fun to check out other parts of town, and surf other breaks.  Here are some of my favorite places to get coffee in Santa Teresa no matter where I happen to be hanging out.

Coffee in North Santa Teresa and Playa Hermosa

Cafe Social  

Cafe Social is by far my favorite place to get coffee in Santa Teresa. 

It is also one of my favorite places to eat as well, which comes in handy if I’ve been surfing all morning and need some coffee and one of their huge sandwiches.

Cafe Social is on the north end of town, so it will either be pretty far out of your way or the perfect location for avoiding traffic in town depending on where you are staying.  

If you happen to be up north or even up in Playa Hermosa, Cafe Social is the perfect stop. 

If you find that heading up to Playa Hermosa is fitting your surfing abilities you are certainly in luck.  

When I’m in Santa Teresa, I tend to try to avoid the main part of town as much as possible, so Cafe Social checks a lot of boxes.  

Not only is it some of the best coffee in Santa Teresa, and maybe one of the best restaurants as well, it helps me avoid the traffic and town and maintain my tranquillo vibe.

Couleur Cafe – Playa Hermosa

Speaking of staying on the north end of Santa Teresa, for all of you either driving up to Playa Hermosa to surf or just staying up there completely, you are certainly in luck for good coffee.

Couleur Cafe, located right on the main road to Playa Hermosa is one of the best places for coffee in Santa Teresa whether you are staying at this end of town or not.

While I am certainly a fan of a nice espresso, Couleur Cafe just drops a french press on your table.  After a long morning surf, having a couple cups of great french press coffee can be just what I’m looking for. 

Plus, the vibe up at that end of town is just a bit more mellow.  Of course, I have tended to be around here in the rainy season, so things are more mellow in general.

Coffee in South Santa Teresa

Coffee Nosara

Ok.  So if you haven’t picked up on it already. 

When I stay in Santa Teresa, I don’t really stay IN Santa Teresa. 

It’s just too busy for my taste. 

So a couple of days up in Playa Hermosa and I’m generally ready to move on.  

For all of you digging the party vibe, you’re going to need good coffee in town and there are plenty of options.

The Roastery Coffee

The Roastery Coffee is perfectly located to suit your morning coffee needs.

The Bakery

The Bakery is located at the south end of town and is close to The Roastery Coffee.

Coffee in Central Santa Teresa

Earth Cafe

Zwart Cafe

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