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Bogarts Coffee Seal Beach

Looking for the best coffee in Seal Beach?

Seal Beach, California is a little slice of SoCal heaven on Earth.  Whether you’re heading to Seal Beach for a surf, the annual car show, or just a stroll down Main Street, you’re in for a treat.

Of course, while your in Seal Beach, if the need for a good cup of coffee strikes you, you are in luck.  But here’s the deal, we don’t want to be a haters, but as coffee fanatics and source of opinion (not just info) it wouldn’t be fair or honest to say they are all created equal.

So here’s our recommendations for grabbing some of the best coffee in Seal Beach.  As well as where we avoid.

The Crema Cafe

The Crema Cafe Seal Beach

You’ll now from the crowd hanging around the outdoor seating or the groups of cyclists wrapping up their morning miles that The Crema Cafe in Seal Beach is a popular spot.  You can really check all of the boxes here with fresh baked goods and probably what I consider to be the best coffee in Seal Beach.  

The Crema Cafe, ideally located right in the center of town on Main St., is popular for a reason – quality.  Whether it is the food, the location, or the coffee, you just won’t be disappointed here.

Humblemaker Coffee Co.

Humblemaker Coffee Seal Beach

Humblemaker Coffee Co is a relative newcomer to Seal Beach, but is a welcome addition to the coffee scene.  Located right at the intersection of Main St. and PCH, it is a bit of a trek if you are at the beach, but if you are doing the Main St. stroll, or are heading down to check out the goods at  Harbour Surfboards, Humblemaker Coffee Co. is right there.

Humblemaker has a great indoor space with plenty of comfortable chairs and elbow room.  I’ve seen everyone from remote workers to high school kids making this their office.  

I have definitely enjoyed having Humblemaker Coffee as part of my Seal Beach coffee scene.

LUV Collective (formerly Surf Cafea)

LUV Collective Seal Beach Coffee

LUV Collective is a great little coffee shop located right on the PCH in Sunset Beach. While not technically in Seal Beach, I find that I hit LUV Collective pretty often since I’m surfing in Surfside, Huntington Beach or Bolsa Chica when there aren’t any waves in Seal Beach.

So, while LUV Collective may not be a good fit if you’re looking to just walk around Main St., it can be a great option if you are driving up and down PCH at all – and let’s be honest, this is Southern California. When are you not driving?

Great coffee, cool vibe. Good location if you can get a parking spot.

Bogart’s Coffee

Bogarts Coffee Seal Beach

Ok, here’s the deal. 

Bogart’s coffee has the best location in town, right across Ocean Ave from the beach.  It doesn’t have outdoor space aside from a bench on the sidewalk (with the pandemic, there are now tables outside on the street!), which actually can be one of the best places to enjoy a cup of coffee in Seal Beach.  

Bogart’s Coffee is a hometown favorite, has been around forever, and has an old-school vibe with some couches and a crowd of regulars.

There’s just one problem, in our opinion. 

The coffee, well, it’s just not very good.

The rest of the coffee world has moved on in an ever-improving cycle of quality in their coffee beans, roasting, and barista-ing.  You just won’t be getting that here. 

So while I appreciate that Bogart’s is part of Seal Beach’s cafe culture, I just don’t get my coffee here personally.  If you are looking for something at Bogart’s and want to hang out, grab a smoothie or something.

Ditto for Javatini’s.  Not bad.  Not great.  Very good location on Main St.  It’s just that it is ok and I’m looking for better than that in my coffee these days.

I go elsewhere.

Best Coffee in Seal Beach

There you have it. Seal Beach is an amazing place to spend the day and a great cup of coffee can certainly be part of it. Whether you are strolling shops, riding bikes, or hitting the beach you are bound to enjoy your time in Seal Beach.

But when it comes to coffee, some places rise above.

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