Best Restaurants in Seal Beach

The Crema Cafe Seal Beach

Here are some of the best restaurants in Seal Beach whether you are heading to this amazing little SoCal beach town for the day, the evening, or a weekend.

Seal Beach is an amazing and often overlooked town in Southern California.  With Huntington Beach and Newport further to the south, this little-known spot is sandwiched at the northernmost part of Orange County, just south of Long Beach.

If you are headed to Seal Beach to escape the crowds on your beach day or to spend a weekend strolling Main Street, here are some of the best restaurants in Seal Beach to keep you well fed.

The Crema Cafe

The Crema Cafe Seal Beach

The Crema Cafe in Seal Beach holds a special place as both one of the best restaurants in town as well as some of the best coffee in Seal Beach.

Crema Cafe is perfectly located right on Main Street and you can’t miss it since there is generally a crowd gathered around.  While it might take a few minutes to get a table in their outdoor seating area, it is worth the wait for great coffee and fresh baked bread.  

While I would generally hit Crema Cafe for breakfast or brunch, it is also a fantastic afternoon lunch spot.

Nick’s Deli

While we’re on the subject of breakfast, let’s go ahead and get Nick’s on the list.  In fact, Nick’s is the list when it comes to breakfast in Seal Beach.  

Nick’s breakfast burritos are legendary in the area.  It’s the kind of place that when you are visiting friends in the area, if you show up with Nick’s breakfast burritos, you are sure to be welcomed back anytime.

Just remember, Nick’s is an old school cash-only establishment.  

Taco Surf

Taco Surf is a SoCal staple, and while this may not be the most original spot on our list of best places to eat in Seal Beach, my family won’t consider skipping it either. 

Taco Surf has the perfect blend of atmosphere and great fish tacos delivered by a capable and friendly staff.  Plus, the chips and salsa are some of the best around.

Angelo’s Italian Deli

Angelo’s is a special place in Seal Beach.  This classic Italian deli and grocery store is a great place to either sit inside or take some great sandwiches to go.  

If you are looking for something really amazing to go sit in the grass by the pier and watch the ocean, Angelo’s sandwiches will do the trick.

320 Main

Ok, let’s assume you are still hungry for dinner after having Nick’s for breakfast and Angelo’s for lunch.  Perhaps you got a surf in or something.

For dinner, the best restaurant in Seal Beach is going to depend on your taste, of course, and whether you are looking for something casual or maybe stepping it up a bit.  We’ll try to cover all the bases.

320 Main is definitely one of the nicer restaurants in Seal Beach, a classic chop house with amazing cocktails.  320 Main is going to scratch that itch for a nicely crafted cocktail followed by a steak or seafood main.  

It is really a great spot that always has a lively crowd.  We recommend eating at the bar if possible.

Walt’s Wharf

Walt’s Wharf is a classic, old-school seafood restaurant located right on Main St. in Seal Beach.  Walt’s Wharf was almost lost to the downturn related to the pandemic, so it is great to see that someone stepped up to keep it alive.

Whether you are looking to sit down to a full meal, or grab a cup of chowder and a beer at the bar, Walt’s Wharf has you covered.

Sushi in Seal Beach – Mahe or Koi

If sushi is on the agenda, you have a few great options in Seal Beach, but we’ll highlight two of our favorites, Mahe and Koi.

Mahe is a sushi fusion with a modern take on classics.  Their servings are sure to impress and they have great happy hour specials on both food and drinks.

Koi sushi in Seal Beach is truly a regional classic.  Koi is the type of restaurant that locals travel for.  Not only is it one of the best restaurants in Seal Beach, but probably could be ranked as some of the best sushi in the area.

Koi takes a traditional approach to sushi, so don’t expect it to be overly sweetened or covered in sauces.  Just the classics prepared with some of the freshest fish around.


If you’re looking for classic pub food, Seal Beach has you covered there as well.  Hennessey’s is a SoCal institution and won’t let you down. 

Best Restaurants in Seal Beach

So there you have it, some of the best restaurants in Seal Beach

There are plenty more to choose from to suit any flavor needs.  A stroll down Main St. is sure to reveal any a restaurant of any flavor.  

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