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The funny thing about searching for the best snowboarding books, or just any snowboarding books to be fair, is that you aren’t going to find many.   

I noticed this when searching for people writing bullshit SEO articles titled ‘best snowboarding books’ only to find a bunch of stuff about skiing.

I find this to be a bit strange.  After all, snowboarding is no longer new or fringe.  In fact, you can argue that snowboarding saved the ski industry.  

Additionally, snowboarding has certainly had more than its fair share of colorful characters.  

So is it that snowboarders just aren’t readers or, more importantly, writers?  It’s hard to say.

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But for those of us out there that are looking to read more about snowboarding – whether to learn more about the history of snowboarding or to just get stoked the same way we do when reading about other adventures – here’s an attempt at bringing together the best snowboarding books. 

Let’s see how it goes.

The Art of Shralpinism: Lessons from the Mountains

The Art of Shralpinism by Jeremy Jones is probably the latest book put out by an important figure in the snowboarding world.  While it is definitely notable that Jones subtitles this book ‘Lessons from the Mountains’ not ‘Lessons from a life of snowboarding’, it is impossible to separate Jones from snowboarding.

While I haven’t got my hands on a copy of this book yet, there is just now doubt that it will enter the lexicon of best snowboarding books.  

Mastering Snowboarding

Hannah Teter

I guess, if I had to, I’d put this book next on the list.  Of course when I think of some ‘best of’ book, I’m looking for something on adventure or history, not a how to manual.

I have all the respect in the world for Teter, and I haven’t read this book.  But to be honest, I’m unlikely to run out and grab it.


How about this snowboard coloring book?

I guess that’s it.  If I want a really great book about snowboarding, I guess I’m just going to have to get out there and write it myself.

The Way of the Snowboarder

Rob Reed

Ok, here we go.  Rob Reed takes a stab at telling the history of snowboarding here in The Way of the Snowboarder.

Other Snowboarding Books

Ok.  I’m going to put a list together here.  I haven’t read them but I want to keep track.

Snowboarding to Nirvana – Frederick Lenz

28 Day Winter: A Snowboarding Narrative – Jeff Curtes, Dean Blotto Gray, Adam Moran

See You Tomorrow: The Disappearance of Snowboarder Marco Siffredi on Everest – Jeremy Evans

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