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Cabo Surf Hotel – The Perfect Cabo Surf Trip Location?

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I stayed at the Cabo Surf Hotel probably 20 years ago, then had the chance to revisit the area recently. Although this time I opted for an Airbnb (which of course didn’t exist back then) I did end up walking up to the Cabo Surf Hotel to check things out, maybe rent a board (it didn’t work out) and just see the place again.

On my first surf trip to Cabo San Lucas, I stayed at the Cabo Surf Hotel for a number of reasons. First, I was on a short trip, just a long weekend in from New York City and was looking for something easy without spending too much time driving around. In fact, I wasn’t looking to drive around at all.

What I was looking for was that perfect short surf trip, free of all hassle, getting some warm water and sun in while escaping the city – no rental car, waves right out front. That kind of easy.

Cabo Surf Hotel is perfect for this kind of trip.

Cabo Surf Hotel – Surfing Old Mans

The surf break right out in front of the Cabo Surf Hotel is known as Old Mans. As you can imagine, waves all over the world earn this moniker by being mushy cruisers, perfect for longboarding and not getting dragged over sharp reefs.

Also as you can imagine, this is exactly what many surfers are looking for despite the double-overhead barrels the surf mags are pushing.

I remember on my first surf trip being perfectly content to surf Old Mans three times a day or as long as my cityfied arms would hold up. I also remember a pretty hairy hold down when I got caught inside a large set and my rented board tombstoned in the whitewater about thirty feet away from me despite the eight food leash.

You can still have a good time at Old Mans, and if you are looking for something different, there are multiple other breaks just a short walk away, although you have to work the tide to get around the point to the east.

Why I Didn’t Stay At The Cabo Surf Hotel This Time

At the end of the day, I didn’t stay at the Cabo Surf Hotel on my more recent trip for a few reasons. The advent of AirBnB, as we all know, has just opened up so many more possibilities, and having a kitchen and a full apartment is just super convenient for some trips (not to mention it saves money in the long run.

However, I must admit, my location ended up not being all that great. While the views from up on the hill were spectacular, the walk up that same hill, especially with a surfboard, was no joke.

This place wouldn’t have worked for the kids.

Also, while the owner had pitched ocean access, it was actually through an ocean-front resort. Luckily, the security didn’t seem to mind a gringo sneaking through with a surfboard at sunrise every day, and in the end I was raiding their breakfast buffet for coffee and pastries as my post-surf breakfast.

I Never Surfed Old Mans

The other reason that I didn’t stay at the Cabo Surf Hotel on my more recent trip was that I wasn’t really interested in surfing Old Mans every day, or at all as it would turn out.

I spent the entire trip surfing at a break in between Zippers and La Roca. This spot had rights peeling and a manageable crowd.

So is the Cabo Surf Hotel the perfect location for your surf trip to Cabo?

Well, as all things, that depends a bit on your needs.

If you are looking for an ultra-convenient and upscale place to stay with an easy, accessible wave right out front and a pool to soak in afterward, well then this may be your place.

Where To Rent A Surfboard In Cabo

If you are staying at the Cabo Surf Hotel the easiest place to grab a surfboard if you didn’t bring your own is at the Mike Doyle Surf Shop right on the premesis. I checked that out when I first arrived but there were a couple of reasons I moved on and rented a surfboard elsewhere.

First, since I wasn’t actually staying at the hotel there were some restrictions. I could only grab a board for the day, so that ruled out early dawn patrol sessions. So that alone was a deal breaker.

Additionally, the boards there just weren’t that great – mostly beat-up epoxy boards. The guy at the surf shop pointed me in the direction of Costa Azul right across the highway.

Costa Azul Surf Shop Cabo

Costa Azul Surf Shop is a great place to rent surfboards in the Cabo area. They have a huge selection of fiberglass boards that were in great shape. I grabbed a 6’6 quad and was good to go for my week in the area.

I would highly recommend swinging by Costa Azul if you need anything while on a surf trip to the Cabo San Lucas area.

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