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You need a coffee shop in Silverthorne, stat.  Done with a day of skiing or boarding and I-70 traffic beckons.  Or you just got up and are going to hit the mountains for that bluebird power day.  Either way.  You’re in Silverthorne and need a coffee shop, right?

Finding a good coffee shop is as much a part of travel as finding a wave or a powder stash.  

Coffee shops are truly that ‘third place’; a great way to get a taste of a new town, talk to some locals behind the coffee bar, and see whether there are people posting up in there to work, talk, just read the paper, or some combination of all of them.

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Well, fear not my friends.  There are some great options for coffee in Silverthorne whether you’re there for a weekend or just passing through.

Red Buffalo Coffee and Tea

Red Buffalo Coffee and Tea is a great little coffee shop just off the main Blue River Pkwy in Silverthorne. 

When the weather is nice there are tables out on the walkway along the river, making it a great place to have your coffee to stay and just chill out a bit. 

I always love a place that serves up a little cup of sparkling water with your espresso and Red Buffalo Coffee and Tea is that kind of coffee shop – that is to say, a legit place that pays attention to the details.

If you want to drink coffee where the Silverthorne locals are, this is your spot.

Nomad Coffee House

Nomad Coffee House in Silverthorne is located within the larger Bluebird Market food court that recently opened there. 

As such, you lose a little bit of that coffee house vibe, but I’m a huge fan of these food courts so wouldn’t stay away just because of that. 

Nomad Coffee House is serving up good drinks in a convenient location.  If you happen to be staying at the Indigo Hotel, you’ll enjoy having Nomad Coffee House just a short walk away.

It is worth noting that Nomad Coffee House isn’t open late, so it’s not going to save you when you need that jolt for the ride home from the mountain. 

House of Vibes Coffee and Curio

House of Vibes Coffee and Curio is a coffee shop in Silverthorne offering up just that – vibes, coffee, curio? 

This is one cool, eclectic coffee shop, so if that’s your scene you are going to love it. 

The also offer some tasty treats to get that day started right.

True Blue Coffee and Gelato

True Blue Coffee and Gelato is a cool little coffee shop on the South side of I-70 in Dillon, making it a convenient and good option if you’re flying through or just staying on that side of town.

All the chains

Silverthorne, of course, is big enough to have all the corporate coffee shops.  I generally avoid them, but of course you’re thankful they are there when everything else is closed and the next option is that burnt out pot at the gas station.

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