Whether it’s your first surf trip or you are a seasoned wave chaser, whether you are a beginner or tube hunter, Costa Rica has something for you. The convenience is hard to beat and the warm water and swell consistency makes Costa Rica one of the most reliable surf trip destinations on the planet.

Whether you are looking for a little help in choosing the right destination or are just looking to read about some surfing (mis)adventures, Roam Chronicles has what you need.

Costa Rica Surf Towns


When it comes to surfing in Costa Rica, it’s hard to deny that Tamarindo is what comes to people’s minds. Whether it is the scenes from Endless Summer II, or just the ease with which you can get to town from the Liberia airport, Tamarindo is many people’s first taste of Costa Rican surf adventure.

Of course, the growth and popularity of Tamarindo has come at a cost, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the right choice for your upcoming surf trip.

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Santa Teresa


Nosara is quickly moving from off the radar to the international destination of the jetsetter crowd. With some of the most consistent surf in Costa Rica, amazing places to stay for every budget, and not to mention great food, Nosara is hard to beat for surfers of all abilities.

Nosara is also a go-to, can’t go wrong destination for that family surf trip you’ve been planning.

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The last time I was road tripping around Costa Rica for a few weeks, I ended up staying in Dominical twice. This little town right off the road is not only pretty easy to get to from San Jose, but it captures everything you want in your surf trip to Costa Rica – great waves, cool people.

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Surfing Dominical Costa Rica, Twice


Ah, Pavones. The dream at the end of the road. One of the longest left-hand point breaks in the world. This fabled surf trip destination is a true bucket list item for many traveling wave chasers, but its location and (relatively) fickle nature keep many people from making the trip.

If you are interested in adding Pavones to your Costa Rica surf adventure, check out our guides below:

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Avellanas is an amazing alternative to Tamarindo if you are in that part of Costa Rica.

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