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Planning a trip to Seal Beach?  Well, you’re going to need a place to stay!  While most towns have a ton of options when it comes to hotels, motels, AirBnBs, and the like, you’ll find that the little town of Seal Beach has always had pretty limited options. 

Unlike down in Huntington Beach or Newport, you aren’t going to find large, waterfront hotel options here in Seal Beach.  So be ready to go local with these Seal Beach hotels.

Pacific Inn Seal Beach

The Pacific Inn in Seal Beach is one of the only real hotel options in old-town Seal Beach.  While the Pacific Inn certainly isn’t anything too fancy, it gets you in town and just a couple of blocks walk from either the beach or Main St.  

The Pacific Inn has undergone a nice remodel recently and while the building definitely dates itself, the rooms are clean, comfortable and nice.  Plus the quick breakfast that starts early is perfect for heading to the beach before the afternoon onshore winds kick up.

While the Pacific Inn lacks formal star ratings, you’ll find that most reviewers are very happy with their stay there.  As the saying goes, it’s all location, location, location.

Ayers Hotel Seal Beach

The Ayers Hotel Seal Beach is a good option when there aren’t any rooms left at the Pacific Inn, but you lose the walkability of being right in Old Town Seal Beach.  The Ayers Hotel is located about 10 minutes from Main Street and is closer to the 405 highway.  

While this is convenient for those people just passing through, if you’re looking to be able to leave your car in the garage for a couple days and get your toes in the sand, the Pacific Inn is just a better option.

As you can see, there just aren’t many options for hotels in Seal Beach.  While the lack of tourists and crowds is certainly part of its charm, finding a place to stay can be a challenge.  

While there are hotels further inland as we noted with the Ayers Hotel, if you are looking to stay close to the sand without spending a fortune, it is possible that Sunset Beach just down the road is your ticket.  

On a recent trip to Seal Beach when the Pacific Inn was all booked, this is what we did.

Sunset Beach has a few options for hotels that are just steps from the sand, and the drive to Main Street Seal Beach is probably shorter than if you stayed up at the Ayers Hotel anyway.  

My vote is always to get as close to the beach as I can.  After all, I’ll always trade a little poshness for the convenience of walking to my morning surf instead of driving.  Plus you gain the independence and flexibility for your crew to come and go from the beach as they please (bathrooms for the kids anyone!).

Hotels in Sunset Beach

Travelodge Ocean Front Sunset Beach

The Travelodge Ocean Front in Sunset Beach is only going to give you a two star experience, and it really earns it.  However, the Travelodge Ocean Front punches way above its weight when it comes to location.  

Just steps from the sand in Sunset Beach, and located right at the entrance to Bolsa Chica State Park, the Travelodge Ocean Front gives convenience and location that the ratings just don’t measure.

The key with this hotel is which side you are on.  On the ocean side, your patio may look right out at the sand.  On the PCH side, its cars, highway noise, and headlights all night – a true earplug experience.

So if an ocean-facing room with a patio is available, go for it.  You won’t be disappointed.

Other Hotels in Surfside

Other hotels in Surfside Beach include the OceanView Motel, Surf City Inn, Ocean Surf Inn and Suites, and Best Western Harbour Inn and Suites.

While I haven’t stayed at them all, you get the idea.  These hotels in Sunset Beach all get you what you really want, a convenient place to stay where you can get your feet in the sand.  All without breaking the bank as you might at some of the fancier resorts and hotels down the road in Huntington Beach.

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