Jaco Costa Rica

If you are making a quick surf trip to Costa Rica, or even a longer one, and are flying into San Jose instead of Liberia, Jaco might be the place for you. Jaco is only about an hour and a half drive from San Jose, and all on good roads (unlike those beasts up in the Guanacaste).

This means that if your best travel option is to fly into San Jose, Jaco should be on your short list. You could land that morning and be in the sand that afternoon. Short surf trip perfection.

Jaco – Short Surf Trip Perfection

Now the thing with Jaco is that it is a larger town than pretty much any other Costa Rican surf destination, and its proximity to San Jose, the largest city in Costa Rica, means that you’ll be dealing with a different scene and some more crowds.

That being said. Jaco can get you started, and a short day trip from there could bring you to plenty of empty beaches and waves as you push south towards Dominical (one of my favorite Costa Rican surf destinations).