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Kids Snowboard Boots – The One I Use

Head Jr Boa Kids Snowboard Boots

When it comes to kids snowboard boots, your research might make things more difficult to decide than when you started out. 

So I’m here to help; not with the Top 10 Kids Snowboard Boots or some indecisive list of 1000 kids snowboard boots.

I’m going to tell you one.  The one.  The one kids snowboard boot that I would recommend based on my actual experience.  

Have I tried every kids snowboard boot.  Of course not.  Are there others that do the job.  Sure.  

But based on my experience I can confidently say that this one will probably suit your needs without breaking the bank.

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The Head Jr. Boa Kids Snowboard Boot

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The kids snowboard boot that I recommend based on my own experience with two kids is the Head Jr. Boa Kids Snowboard Boot.

Here’s why.

Comfortable and Durable

I live in Colorado and my local shop uses these boots in their kids ski and snowboard exchange program.  So I stumbled into a couple of lightly used pairs of these boots for my two girls a few years ago.

The shop uses them because they are durable, able to be exchanged at the end of the year to be passed on to another local kid.

We use these boots were simple to use, comfortable, and warm.  And if that isn’t everything you’re looking for than I don’t know what is.  These boots never gave me any trouble from a technical standpoint.

Not Just for Snowboarding

They were comfortable enough for me to forgo having to purchase other snow boots for playing around.  

The kids just used these snowboarding boots all the time, no matter what – sledding, school recess, hikes, snowshoeing, whatever.  The would just grab this one pair of boots and go.

I’ll take anything that makes traveling with the kids a little more simple, and getting in the car for a road trip to the mountains with one pair of boots helps just that little bit.

The kids were seriously bummed when they outgrew them.

A Caveat

I’ll throw out one caveat to these snowboard boots.  My kids are not the hardcore shredders that some might be.  These boots were not put to the test in the back bowls.

They are 60-80 lb kids who like cruising the blues and being first chair on the smaller side of the hill on a powder day.  So did they really get tested from an extreme standpoint, no.

Bottom Line

But we parents are always making tradeoffs on cost, style, and how long our kids are really going to be in shoes before they outgrow them – especially such season-specific gear like snowboarding boots.  

In all likelihood, these boots just need to last a couple of months before they are outgrown and passed on to your younger kid or the neighbors.

And for this, I can highly recommend the Head Jr. Boa snowboard boots for your kids.

You can purchase these boots on Amazon here.

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