Santa Teresa Surf Guide

Santa Teresa is one of the most popular surf towns in Costa Rica, and for good reason. Just hard enough to get to, but with everything you could possibly need once you arrive.

And by everything, I mean waves pretty much all the time, plenty of room along the beach to spread out, different breaks and peaks depending on your surfing ability and comfort zone, and every type of place to stay from hostels to multimillion dollar homes.

Getting to Santa Teresa

Getting to Santa Teresa can be its blessing or its curse depending on how you look at it. Whether you fly into Liberia or San Jose, you’re going to be a few hours away. From Liberia you are looking at a five hour drive, and that’s if everything goes right. From San Jose you are looking at six or more hours, and that’s if you time the ferry just right and don’t sit around waiting for long.

Both of those scenarios require a level of luck that I wouldn’t count on.

The other way to get to Santa Teresa is to take a short flight from either airport to Tambor and drive the 45 mins or so from there. Of course, adding in a short flight, layover, or any other element to your journey always comes with its own risks.

This is why you aren’t going to see Santa Teresa on our list of places for a quick surf trip. Like I said, it’s just far enough away, and in many ways, that’s a good thing.

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