Searching For Groundswell; A New Zealand Surfer’s Roadtrip – Paul Hersey

Searching For Groundswell Paul Hersey

Sometimes when you are hopping from one hotel, house, or apartment to the next you get lucky and the owner keeps a little library, well-targeted to their audience.

That happened during my last surf trip around the North Island of New Zealand.

The Air BnB we grabbed had this gem of a surfer’s book on the shelf.

Searching For Groundswell by Paul Hersey

Searching for Groundswell by Paul Hersey was about the best book a traveling surfer could hope for on a New Zealand surf trip. Packed with tales from the days before you could just check the swell on Surfline, Searching for Groundswell was a historical account of what surfing was like in New Zealand in the 70s.

I’m trying to hunt down my own copy, so I’ll let you know if I get my hands on one.

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