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South Sea Vagabonds – J.W. Wray

South Sea Vagabonds is my favorite travel book, or any book for that matter. It’s my favorite book.

If you have ever been sitting around feeling sorry for yourself because you are currently lacking the level of adventure you desire in life, there are plenty of sources of inspiration or self-loathing. Hell, just take a look at your instagram feed to see that perfectly curated existence that is just outside your grasp.

Looking for the perfect book for your upcoming surf trip? This is the one you want.

South Sea Vagabonds tells a different tale – one that predates the social media bullshit we are in constant avoidance of these days.

No excuses. JW Wray wanted to spend his life sailing around the isles of the South Pacific. We was under the spell of the warm breezes and abundant love of life he found there.

The only problem was he didn’t have a sailboat. So he built one.

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