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Sunset in Nosara

Nosara Sunset Surfer Girl Costa Rica

Sunset in Nosara is a special time.  As the light has become less intense and the afternoon wanes, people head to the beach for a final, magical gathering of community.  Kids splash in the warm water, parents and couples sip drinks on the sand, surfers head out to grab that incredible last hour of a session to watch the sun dip right into the same water that you are immersed in.

The huge ball of fire slowly drops out of site as frisbees fly and couples hold hands.  There may be some music, and a small fire over there.  Locals and tourists alike drawn to the simple beauty and peace.  

Who doesn’t have time for this?

Of course, it isn’t just Nosara that is living this moment.  In towns all up and down the West coast of Costa Rica, and indeed West coasts everywhere, people are taking a moment to appreciate the day that has passed and this raw gift of nature that provides a moment of pause.

Sunsets aren’t a big deal everywhere, and while tourists are here being blown away by the beauty, locals, too, make the time to gather with friends and family, feet in the sand, maybe a beer in hand.

Simple, pura, vida.

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