Tamarindo Coffee Roasters

Tamarindo Coffee Roasters

It had been a long day of surfing and driving by the time I stopped to grab an espresso at Tamarindo Coffee Roasters on the road heading out of Tamarindo.

I had driven up from Santa Teresa, been stuck in an hour or so delay outside of Tambor, had my car searched for weed by the police all just to see this town and what had changed since I was last there fifteen or so years ago.

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Empty Waves in Avellanas

The dirt of the road had been washed of by an excellent surf down at Avellanas, another place where I had spent a lot of time in the past, particularly the time I holed up at Cabinas Las Olas for three weeks, made myself a fixture, and surfed my brains out.  Needless to say, it was great to paddle out and get a few great rides at Little Hawaii again after all these years.

So back to Tamarindo.  I wasn’t staying here, and I really didn’t feel the need to hang around town before my flight out of Costa Rica early the next morning after weeks of driving and surfing all up and down the coast.  It was good to see, and looking back it is probably more fun to stay there for a night than just holing up at the Garden Inn in Liberia for a night. 

Maybe next time…

But I was heading out and was already ready to pass out to be honest, so back to that espresso stop.  Tamarindo Coffee Roasters is a simple little cafe on the main road out of town.  Not the most convenient place to be honest if you were just on foot looking for a morning coffee.  But I was driving so made this my last stop before hitting the road.

It was a bit quiet as it was later in the day, so just a barista behind the counter talking to a friend and me.  A good shot of espresso and then I was out, but I could see that it would be a nice place to hang around and really had a nice vibe. 

Amazing Costa Rican Coffee

But really, what they are offering is an opportunity to grab a bag of amazing Costa Rican coffee to take with you.  If I was hanging around Tamarindo in an AirBnB or just a place with a little kitchen, I would definitely recommend grabbing a bag of Tamarindo Coffee Roasters coffee on the way into town for your own morning brew.

Things have changed all over Tamarindo since I first went there, and local coffee roasters are one of them.  Grabbing some beans is a great way to dive into your Costa Rica surf trip with some high quality morning brew.

And be sure to grab an espresso on your way out of town.

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Tamarindo Coffee Roasters

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