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Troncones Mexico Surfing

Surfing in Troncones, Mexico is an epic surf trip waiting to happen. 

It fits all of the criteria for either a short trip of a longer surf mission – namely, warm water, great waves, a variety of breaks (often empty), amazing food, and that off-the-path adventure we all want in a surf trip to Mexico.

Getting to Troncones

Troncones itself is a small fishing village located in the state of Guerrero. 

It is only about 20 miles north of Zihuatanejo, which is where you can fly from most places pretty easily. 

That means, while you have plenty of coastline to explore, you don’t have to spend much time in your car getting there if you don’t want to.  Again, it works for a short trip.

Zihuatanejo, of course, is a well-regarded destination itself, just not for surf.  But it is worth checking out on your way out of the area, or maybe if your flight is late. 

Just up the road from Zihuatanejo is the fabled Ixtapa, and you’ll see the high-rise condos along the beach on your drive north. 

Unfortunately, this whole area has been dragged into the pervasive drug-related violence that plagues Mexico, so be sure to check out the latest info if you plan a trip to the area.

For most surfers, you can just skip this whole scene and get on the road to Troncones right from the airport, after all, Mexico and all of it’s amazing culture awaits in some small towns and roadside ceviche stands along the short drive.  

Troncones Mexico Surfing

Now, when people talk about surfing in Troncones, they don’t actually mean right there in the town.  Fishermen are adept at choosing calm waters to store and launch their boats, and Troncones is a fishing village.  However, there are some great places to stay and the laid-back vibe is worth a little effort to get to the waves each day.  But if you stay actually in Troncones, you won’t be surfing right out front.  

Surfing Troncones Point / Manzanillo Bay

However, just a few minutes (maybe 10) up the road is Manzanillo Bay, not to be confused with the city of Manzanillo further North in Colima, and the first great wave, Troncones Point.  Troncones Point is a left-breaking point that is suitable for intermediate and up surfers, depending on the swell.  

It can get a bit crowded as the takeoff zone is well-defined, and surfers camped out at all of the places to stay right there have easy access all day.  Get used to surfing in front of an audience as the Manzanillo Inn patio and pool provides the perfect place to grab a drink and watch the show (or heckle your mates).

Surfing La Saladita

Playa La Saladita is just another half hour or so up the road from Troncones Point.  This spectacular beach and accessible, beginner-friendly wave draws surfers and surfing families from all over.  A stay in La Saladita puts you right in the middle of Troncones Point and the Ranch further north, so can make a great place to book a room.  Plus, if you’re a beginner or are traveling with family or just a mixed bag of surf abilities, you’ll appreciate having this mellow wave right out front with the ability to access more challenging surf a short drive away.

Surfing The Ranch

The Ranch. Ah, El Rancho.

Empty left point perfection.

A bit of effort gets you to this little-visited surf spot off the beaten path.

The road is unmarked and can be hard to find as you weave through ranchland towards the coast. When you get there you’ll find little but Julias, a little cafe where you can grab a cold one, and some surfers camping in the shade of the trees.

The waves here peel for days and can hold size. You’ll often have it with just a small crew out.


A little video of people surfing El Rancho here.

Best Hotels In Troncones

There are plenty of places to stay at all price points in and around Troncones. Whether you are looking for something quiet in Troncones, or something right on the wave at Troncones Point, there are plenty of options.

Of course, there are plenty of options up in La Saladita as well if that wave is more your speed.

Inn at Manzanillo Bay – Troncones Point

It’s hard to beat the Inn at Manzanillo Bay as your hangout and launchpad for all of the great surfing in the Troncones area. With the main wave peeling off Troncones Point right in front of the hotel, it’s just a short skip to the surf each morning.

After your surf, take a dip in the pool or grab a bite to eat on the patio without ever taking an eye off the surf. The Inn at Manzanillo Bay has locked in the premier location in the area, so just relax and enjoy.

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